Fight COVID MKE is a project to:

  • Measure how many Milwaukee County residents have been infected with COVID-19,
  • Understand better the risks for serious COVID-19 infection, and
  • Inform decisions about reducing personal risk.

The project is funded by the National Institutes of Health to the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) of Southeast Wisconsin.


  • How to join our community-engaged study of adults in Milwaukee County who will get a COVID-19 antibody test at no cost to you. The test shows if you have antibodies to past infection and if you have antibodies to the vaccine. You get $35 or $40 for participating.
  • How to obtain a personal estimate of your risk for severe COVID-19 illness or death
  • How to protect yourself and your family against COVID-19
  • Lessons learned from the study

Thank you

The MCW Fight COVID MKE research team deeply appreciates more than 4,100 participants who volunteered to get a COVID antibody blood test and shared survey and health record information to help us to answer important questions about risks and protections associated with COVID. Results of our studies will be posted at this website and discussed at community meetings in September and October.

Rewarding job to fight COVID

Help adults in Milwaukee to join this study about COVID risks and protections. Need skill in phlebotomy. Excellent salary and benefits. Coordinate participation, surveys, and COVID antibody blood tests showing past infection and vaccine response.


Study Consent

Please click on the arrow to listen to a eight-minute video. It is a summary of the consent form to join the Fight COVID MKE study. It includes the study purpose, risks, benefits, confidentiality, and compensation information. Your participation is voluntary. 

Community Advisory Board Advice about joining Fight COVID Study

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Thanks for your interest and collaboration!

Co-Principal Investigator

John Meurer, MD, MBA 

Institute for Health & Equity

Co-Principal Investigator

Bernie Black, JD 

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law 


Co-Principal Investigator

Reza Shaker, MD

Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Our Partners

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